Pelican Bar

Tour Package: $25 per person

Duration: Open 9am-6pm

Main Attraction: Bar, Scenery, Swimming, Food

Star Rating:

Dreams do come true. Owner Floyd Forbes dreamed about a magical bar built on stilts in the middle of the ocean. Well in 2001 his dream became a reality and the Pelican Bar was open for business.

There’s always a bunch of pelicans perched on the rocky sandbar next to the bar, and that’s where it got its name “Pelican Bar.” In the beginning, the bar was mainly for Floyd and his fellow fisherman buddies.

However, it didn’t take long before more than just the fisherman wanted to grab a beer there. 16 years later Floyd still fishes and serves up beer out here, and in our opinion, his bar is one of the best things to do in Jamaica.

Due to the fact that the bar is in the middle of the ocean, it is subject to be damaged during hurricane season. In 2004 hurricane Ivan destroyed the original Pelican bar. Thankfully the local community came together to help Floyd rebuild.

Jake’s Hotel in Treasure Beach donated new wood to help reconstruct the bar. Within a month after Hurrican Ivan, the Pelican bar was back in business. The bar has suffered storm damage since then but thankfully has survived all hurricane seasons since 2004.

The menu is simple: ice-cold beer, rum punch, and fish. Nothing complicated and fancy here. There are only two things on the food menu, lobster & fresh fish. Both of which are insanely fresh and tasty but if you aren’t a seafood fan bring a snack.