Horseback Riding at Braco Stables

Tour Package: $70+ per person

Duration: 2 hours

Main Attraction: Horses, Scenery, Swimming

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A truly fun and enjoyable experience for the whole family! Here at Braco Stables, we offer horseback riding – a tour through the scenic countryside, onto the shore and swimming bareback with the horses on a beautiful, private beach.

Horseback Ride & Swim Tour: $70 per person

Private Horseback Ride & Swim Tour: $100 per person

Braco Estates was originally part of a large sugar plantation, which was very successful in the 18th Century. The adjoining property, Bryan Castle, formed part of the Estate at that time with the Great House being located there and the Overseer’s house located at Braco.

However, over the years the Overseer’s house at Braco has become known as Braco “Great” House because of its strategic position and majestic appearance. The properties were divided and sold separately in later years.

Braco “Great” House was built in the mid 1700’s. The Overseer’s journal that was found in the cellars dates back to 1775. By the 18th Century it was a successful sugar plantation with numerous slaves, sugar cane was grown and sugar was made in its own factory. The original building that housed the factory still stands on the Estate. At that time, Jamaica was a colony of England. Braco also produced food crops, pimento and lumber.

The property was purchased by the Parnell family in 1932 and is now in third generation ownership. The “Great” House has been restored and is currently the home of Christopher Parnell, grandson of the original owner. The restoration project took many years with great attention paid to details so that the original appearance of the house would be maintained although many modern features were added.

The Parnell family maintained the property in sugar cane and in later years switched to cattle breeding and at one time over 1,000 head of cattle were raised on the property. The son of the original owner, the Honourable Winston Valentine Parnell, served as Custos Rotulorom for the parish of Trelawny for over 30 years and was a prominent citizen of this parish. He also deputized as Governor General of Jamaica on more than 7 occasions. Mr. Parnell died in 1992 and at the time of the death was awarded the Order of Jamaica for his many years of service to his country.

Today the Estate houses a pimento leaf oil factory.Oil is extracted from the pimento leaves through a condensation process. This oil is exported and used in the preservation of meat and also as a base for many perfumes. The Estate owners have also diversified into the Tourist Industry, setting up the Braco Stables for horseback riding and also developing 85 acres of land on the property for the Braco Village Hotel. A bust in memory of Mr. Parnell has been erected on the hotel grounds.

Although the “Great” House is said to be haunted, the current owner denies ever encountering a ghost but does recall certain mysterious incidents, as a child, when the piano played by itself and the radio would come on suddenly in the middle of the night!!