Dunn’s River Falls

Tour Package: $25 per person

Itinerary: Climb the falls wet (up the falls) or dry (on the adjacent path) and enjoy beautiful views

Duration: 2 hours

Main Attraction: Ocean vistas, Waterfall, Beach Front, Shopping area

Star Rating:

Dunn’s River Falls is a famous waterfall (180 feet high and 600 feet long) that empties in the Caribbean Sea.  It is a major Caribbean tourist attraction and a must see in Jamaica.

Visitors can make the 600 feet climb from the base of the falls, hand-in-hand like a human daisy chain, guided by competent staff. Guides at Dunn’s River Falls are skilled at leading you up the falls and can use your camera to take your picture as you pose under the many falls.

The not so daring can walk alongside the falls while taking those memorable photos of your friends and family members.