Bob Marley Nine Mile Tour

Tour Package: $30 per person

Duration: 4 hours (with drive)

Main Attraction: Reggae, Bob Marley, Museum

Star Rating:

A visit to Nine Mile, a sleepy town high in the Jamaican mountains of St. Ann Parish, is a must for die-hard Bob Marley fans. Home to the birthplace, house, and mausoleum of the legendary king of reggae, Nine Mile offers visitors insight into Bob Marley’s everyday life and his music, and a deeper understanding of his roots.

The core of any trip to Nine Mile is a tour of Bob Marley’s home, which remains untouched from the days he lived there. Walk through for a look at the intimate details of his daily life, such as his favorite clothing and chair. Rastafarian guides fill you in on Marley’s childhood, career, and Rastafarian culture as you go, making the most of every display. Most tours also include a trip to Mt. Zion Rock, Marley’s frequented meditation spot and home to the rock “pillow” mentioned in his song “Talkin’ Blues,” as well as to his final resting place and mausoleum.